Green Tea Lattes


Ahhhhh Matcha…..

How many of you have a love hate relationship with matcha powder? I’m one of those who just loves matcha. So, I’m a little biased… But I love it SO MUCH – that I want to share with you how I order my two favorite ways to have matcha.

I work for Starbucks, so most of my beverage recipes are not only a little complicated, but they are all very amazingly delicious and precise!

If you are not vegan, order an Iced Green Tea Latte made with Whole Milk, and add one scoop of Vanilla Bean. This is the greatest way to have it, but since I’m vegan, I now order it the same way but made with coconut milk instead.

If the vanilla bean sounds a little bit too sweet, then order an Iced Green Tea Latte with Coconut Milk and Classic. I get this like three times a week! I’m obsessssseddddd.

**Starbucks’ vanilla bean powder, matcha powder, and all of their alternative dairy products are vegan.

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