Beach Searching

Zach and I moved to Portland about a month and a half ago from Vegas. I was born and raised there so it was time to see something other than the desert.

We have spent the last four years visiting different cities in the US to find a new place to call home. Our families are already established in states that don’t feel like home to us. So really, there was nothing holding us back from trying literally anywhere.

We visited Portland for 8 days in March and were sold. We wanted a dense city that had water, docks, greenery, forests, close to the beach, waterfalls, and vegan friendly. Definition of Portland? Definitely! So we fell in love and moved out here in June. Other than me missing my parents since this is my first time not living near them, it’s going amazing! It’s been enough time now for us to feel like locals and to have some coworkers that we can call close acquaintances.

So for this upcoming weekend, we plan on finally doing some beach searching. We’ve already done Seaside and Cannon Beach. So now we plan on leaving Friday to hit up Cannon for one night, then go South along the coast for about 4 hours and see where that takes us. We’ll be sleeping in our Honda Fit the whole time so it’ll be a fun little adventure for sure! This will be our first 3 day trip on the road since being vegan. So it’ll be interesting packing enough food that will stay good in our car during this journey. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Wish us luck!


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