Beach Road Trip – Vegan Style!

Last weekend’s beach searching was more than successful! It was overwhelming!


Zach and I just moved to Portland about two months ago. So this was our first time taking the car and just driving up the coast. Coming from Vegas, we had tiny expectations for beaches. But my God! Oregon out did itself!

We ended up changing our original plan of stopping by Cannon Beach first. Instead, we drove up to Smelt Sands, spent the night there. Then we headed North and hit as many interesting beaches as we could within a two day period! We ended up stopping by Smelt Sands, Newport, Depo Bay, Lincoln City, Neskowin, Oceanside, Manzanita, Oswald West, & Cannon Beach.


We definitely are adventure seekers and love hikes. So Smelt Sands, Neskowin, and Depo Bay were easily our favorites. We slept in our car, which was hilarious watching my hair lose it’s mind from all of the humidity!


It was just super amazing! Food was a little challenging of course.. We packed ingredients for PB&J sandwiches, Corn Nut Snacks, Almonds, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Clif Bars, Fruit Bars, and home made ice coffee.

When those items weren’t enough, we ate bagels at Starbucks with some Justin Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, and bought some meals from local restaurants which you can learn more of from our travel blog post about the weekend!

It was such a fun, easy, spontaneous trip. We couldn’t have planned it more perfect than it naturally became to be. ❤

Please comment any of your favorite beaches that you think we should try next time! We are also searching for a cool lake to check out in the next month. Let us know what you like!



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