My Favv Ice Coffee Orders @ SBUX


I feel like ice coffees are usually just ordered with sweetener and milk if you aren’t a barista yourself.. So luckily, you have me 🙂 This is just a compiled list of my favorite ice coffees that I order all the time! Try them all & let me know which were your favorite 🙂

fullsizeoutput_1206A Starbucks in Boston, MA. Gorgeous!

Ice Coffee

-Ice Coffee with Raspberry, Soy & 2 Raw Sugars

-Ice Coffee with Cinnamon Dolce, Soy, and Cinnamon Dolce Topping

-Ice Coffee with 2 Pumps of Mocha, 2 Pumps of Toffee Nut, and Soy

-Ice Coffee with 2 Pumps of Mocha, 3 Pumps of Classic, and Soy

Cold Brew

-Cold Brew with 2 Agave Packets, Classic, Soy, and Cinnamon Powder on Top

-Cold Brew with Cascara, Soy, and Cascara Topping

fullsizeoutput_1207Me wearing Cold Brew down my leg!

The Difference

For those who have always wondered the difference between Cold Brew and Ice Coffee, it’s all about how it’s brewed.

Ice Coffee is basically hot coffee poured over ice. While Cold Brew is brewed with cold water, and steeps for 20 hours. Due to the coffee being in contact with the grounds for such a long period of time; it has higher levels of caffeine & a stronger taste.

That’s why you’ll notice all of the sweeter flavors are paired with the Ice Coffee. Cold Brew matches a lot better with subtle hints of sweetness due to its natural complex flavor.


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