SPICY Vegan Burger Recipe

I recently discovered Gardein’s Chipotle Black Bean Burger that already has a little kick to it. We found an interesting way to intensify that spiciness and now we have this burger like twice a week for dinner! Spicy Black Bean Burger Prep Time – 4 minutes                  …

Fish Fillet Sandwich Recipe

Summer favorite, am I right?! I love living near the beach now; but god it sucks smelling all of that delicious seafood and not being able to have any of it! So I was determined this summer to finally come up with an amazing tartar sauce to accompany my fish fillets. We purchase Gardein’s Fish…

Teriyaki Tempeh Sandwich

It’s LUNNCHHH TIMEE! This dude is pretty simple of a sandwich, but super delicious. It’s something that we all are thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that already?” So enjoy 🙂 Teriyaki Tempeh Sandwich Prep Time – 3 minutes      Cook Time – 5 minutes Ingredients Tempeh – cut in half both in length and depth….

Cheesy Croissants & Soup Recipe

Such a classic. . . Everyone loves to snuggle up with some warm soup. Being with a European, our soup always comes with a side of croissants. As a vegan, I’m sure you all know how hard that becomes.. Especially when your fiance will only take a cheeesssyyy croissant none the less.  Such a European…….