Q: Why are you called Value Vegan?

I feel like the word vegan has a lot of negative association to it. It sounds expensive, a hassle, too restricting, and too “green” for people to be interested in trying it. But Zach and I mostly eat accidentally vegan food items, which opens up a whole world of choices to choose from. It’s cheaper, it’s broader, and it’s not just fruits and vegetables.

Q: What are the benefits of being vegan?

There are multiple benefits, and depends on why you are becoming vegan. No guilt of indirectly hurting animals. Less chemicals since you wouldn’t be eating meats that are injected with steroids and such. No dairy so you could possibly have less bloating, and fewer cramps. You would most likely lose some weight due to less fatty food intake. Your overall health would improve since you would probably incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Q: Why did you become vegan?

My fiance and I have been vegetarian for many years mainly due to our guilt of how animals are treated. We feel that ignoring how these farm animals are treated is being ignorant and unjust to those animals. So we decided to stop eating them. From there, we realized that we are still hurting cows that are a part of the dairy industry through our purchases of milk, yogurt, chocolate, cheese… So we decided to go fully vegan to help with the cause.

Q: What side affects have you experienced from going vegan?

We both have lost about 5-10 pounds from it, and we were pretty skinny to begin with. So we pretty much just lost our excess body fat. We also stopped having bloated days. Most people do have some type of side affects from dairy. Whether that is bloating, gas, cramps, acid reflex. So we just felt lighter and more lean. Which feels good!

Q: Can vegans have honey?

True veganism, no you cannot. I know a lot of vegans who do since it comes from an insect rather than an animal. But bees are actually mistreated, over used, and are dying at a fast rate. So we don’t purchase anything that has honey in it to help fight that cause.

Q: Is everything advertised on your website vegan?

Yes it is. The only thing that we don’t stay super true to is sugar. Vegans cannot use regular white sugar due to it being processed with animal bones. However, most products don’t specify if their sugar is regular white sugar or unprocessed sugar. So our rule of thumb is if Peta thinks its vegan, then we will have it. Other than sugar, everything else is truly vegan.

Q: Is it difficult eating out when vegan?

It’s definitely a challenge. Especially if you don’t want to eat at an all vegan restaurant. Most vegan restaurants in our opinion is mainly focused on dressing up vegetables which isn’t filling so we prefer to find restaurants that have one vegan menu item that tends to be larger portion sizes, and more modernized taste wise.

Q: Where do you purchase your vegan groceries?

Our main brands are Market Pantry, Gardein, Qorn, Whole Foods 365, and Daiya. So you can purchase these items at many, many super markets. We usually do our weekly grocery shopping between Target and Whole Foods.

Q: Is dairy alternative milk gross?

It seems that everyone has their favorite when choosing between the different types – Pea, Oat, Soy, Coconut, and Almond. Our favorites are Pea, Oats, and Soy. Though I love Coconut milk for any tea lattes or boba. Pea milk is more rare to find, if you are interested, try out the brand Ripple!

Q: What does vegan cheese taste like?

Most vegan cheeses are actually pretty good. Even though its super hard to find in stores, cashew cheese spread is our all time favorite for dishes like nachos. But we usually purchase Daiya’s cheddar slices or cheddar sauce. It tastes like sharp cheddar cheese, and melts super good!

Q: What do you miss having?

We have actually found a vegan alternative for most of our favorite items. Earth Balance is actually a bad-ass brand that has made a ton of famous snacks into vegan form! I think the main thing that I miss is actually just convenience. When you get super hungry, it can be irritating having to sit somewhere to look up a ton of menus to see what around you is even vegan friendly.

Q: You work at Starbucks, what can you have there as a vegan?

So most of our drink components are actually vegan. All that you cannot have is our White Mocha, seasonal sauce flavors, regular milks, whip cream, and java chips. But all of our syrups are vegan, our mocha is vegan, our alternative choices are all vegan, our new protein shake is vegan. Food wise, we have a Macadamia Oat Cookie, all of our bagels without cheese are vegan which you can top with Justin’s PB spread or guac spread.