Go VEGAN in 1 month!

This post is to help those who want to make the transition to veganism and what that can look like.

Zach and I were vegetarian first, which I definitely think is an important step. I think it helps make the transition easier due to you being adjusted to what vegetarian meat foods taste like. But also it’ll be a easier transition on your body; you don’t want to go into some type of shock due to sudden protein or iron decrease.

Week 1: Lessen your meat intake.

  • Strive for one meat meal a day, the rest switch out to vegan meats. Our favorite – Gardein! If you are really missing meat get their Pork Bites, Turkey Cutlets, Breakfast Sausage Patties, or Fish Fillets. Those are super delicious!

Week 2: Switch your milk products to vegan alternatives

  • We use Pea Milk from Ripple because it has a texture in between soy and almond with less of an after taste. They also have a chocolate milk version you can buy!
  • Switch your coffee creamer to Wildwood Soy Creamer. There are other options of course. This one is just our favorite.

Week 3: Switch your ingredients to vegan alternatives. Read the ingredients for all items that you need to repurchase and see if it is already vegan. You can google any ingredient that you aren’t sure of to see if it is derived from animals.

  • We switched our yogurts to So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurts
  • Switched our sour cheese to Tofutti Sour Cream
  • Switched chocolate bars to vegan brands like Chocolove, or Trader Joes. Make sure to check the ingredients to ensure its actually vegan – some of their flavors are not
  • Switched our cream cheese to Daiya Strawberry Cream Cheese
  • Switched house sugar to Sugar On The Raw
  • Switched our bread to Whole Foods 365 brand – cheap, organic, and is certified vegan
  • Switched ice cream to Ben & Jerry’s non dairy line

Week 4: Switch your cheese to vegan. This was the hardest part for us. We were cheese fanatics!

  • Shredded cheese to So Delicious Coconut milk Shredded
  • Slices to Daiya Cheddar Slices
  • If it’s Provolone or Swiss for sandwiches, we’ve found that we actually don’t miss the taste of cheese on those. So we don’t buy them.

ALSO Week 4: Switch your household items to cruelty free companies

This is definitely a rushed version. You can take it as slow as you need to. But this is a good guide to get your there, with all the little details. There are a ton more companies to choose from, you can always check Peta website for what they recommend.


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